CBD Bath Benefits

Can a bath be good for you?

Yes! Baths can be great for relaxing, increasing your mood, helping blood flow circulate, and allow you to death breather and easier.

Why did people start taking baths?

Baths have been known as a form of hydrotherapy that was created in ancient Egypt. Hydrotherapy stands for "water cure." Hydrotherapy is seen as a medical alternative to reducing pain and inflammation in the body along with improving overall health.

What are some benefits of taking a bath?

Baths can do incredible things for our health such as improve heart health, calm our nervous system, and make our brains release serotonin to make you feel happy in a bath. 

How can a bath benefit your health?

A person's heart works hard every day to keep pumping and gets pushed to limits during workouts and will relax in time of rest, taking a bath is just as good for your heart as a workout is. 

What happens to your body when you take a bath?

When your body is submerged in water your blood circulation increases causing your heart to pump faster, relieve aches and inflammation, and allow blood to circulate easier.

How can a bath improve your mood?

Along with heart and circulation benefits in the body, a hot bath can help the nervous system, especially before bedtime. A hot bath can release stress and anxiety along with release serotonin to improve your mood. 

How can a bath improve a headache?

Baths help migraines and headaches due to hot water reducing pressure on narrow blood vessels in your head.

Can you take a bath after a workout?

Yes! Baths increase blood circulation in muscles for after workout pains and aches. The warm water will allow the blood flow to open the muscles and help them from being tight after working out. 

Can a bath help menstrual cramps?

Yes, baths help menstrual cramps by relaxing the muscle with the heat of the water and bringing blood flow to the pelvis.

Can a bath help you fell better when you're sick?

Yes, baths relieve cold symptoms by having the steam increase blood vessel movement to help congestion and inflammation.