CBD Bath Bombs

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

CBD bath bombs are bath bombs infused with CBD. Typically the CBD is infused by a CBD oil or CBD tincture. CBD bath bombs will be one of the three types of CBD which are broad spectrum, full spectrum, and isolate


How is CBD typically infused?

CBD will be infused with an oil or tincture typically which are mixed into the bath bomb powder. Sometimes bath bombs will be made with a CBD powder as well, but typically powder is only put into bath bombs if making an isolate CBD bath bomb. 


What is the difference between a CBD oil and CBD tincture?

CBD oil is the most potent and expensive type of CBD extract. It comes straight from the hemp plant. This means there isn’t anything typically added to the oil. A CBD tincture is when the CBD oil from the hemp plant is distilled in 60-70% alcohol. The CBD will usually be distilled in glycerin, alcohol, or an oil like peppermint or cinnamon. The distillation of the CBD tincture will give the CBD a longer shelf life as well. 

What is full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is the extracted CBD oil from the hemp plant that is the most rich in cannabinoids. It will typically contain small traces of THC but not enough to get you high or cause any psychoactive effects. The legal THC amount in a CBD oil is 0.3% and nothing above that. 


What is broad spectrum CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD is the in-between of full spectrum and isolate CBD. Broad spectrum CBD starts off as full spectrum CBD then goes through similar extraction methods as isolate CBD to remove any traces of THC. 


What is isolate CBD?

Isolate CBD is known as the weakest strain of CBD. Isolate CBD starts as full spectrum extract from the hemp plant that goes through extreme extraction processes to extract any cannabinoids and terpenes from the CBD. 


What is a cannabinoid?

CBD is a major type of cannabinoid. Then there are about a hundred more minor cannabinoids in a hemp plant where CBD is derived from. Cannabinoids are the cell makeup of the hemp plant. The cannabinoids in CBD are what makes the body feel relaxed or less anxious. Cannabinoids are typically stronger in marijuana or THC but with the little to no traces of THC in the CBD oil, the cannabinoids are only there to relax the body and anxiety. 


What is a terpene?

A terpene is basically the smell of the plant. Terpenes are the compound of something that allows us to know what we are smelling. So when terpenes are taken out of CBD oil, any odor of the hemp plant or oil itself is extracted. Typically, this only happens in isolate oil, but it is very unlikely to smell any of the terpenes of the hemp plant in full spectrum or broad spectrum oil as well.