What are bath bombs?

What are bath bombs?

Bath bombs are a compressed ball of ingredients that are molded to stay together until you put them into water! A bath bomb will typically fizz and change the water color and add a scent to your water. Bath bombs can be something very simple that spice up a bath for you to relax or to add some fun to your kids’ bath time! They are great for gifts and simple ideas for special occasions!

How do bath bombs work?

When the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid hit the water, they have a chemical reaction which causes the fizzing of the bath bomb while it dissolves into the water.

Are bath bombs bad for you?

Bath bombs are generally not bad for your skin or body. Of course, we advise everyone to do what they know works for their body and be careful! Baths can sometimes affect women’s pH balances, so some women choose to stay with simple ingredient bath bombs and soaps. This is something women at hushbath have experienced with some products, so we try to keep clean and wholesome ingredients! (Every woman and man is different though so only do what your body can handle!) But when bath bombs with simple ingredients are made with things such as natural oils(coconut, almond, olive, etc.) they can actually be good and nurturing to your skin! Here at hushbath.com we have coconut oil in original bath bombs and we include grape seed and almond oil in our CBD bath bombs for softer skin! We also keep very simple ingredients in our bath bombs for the most natural bath bomb experience we can provide, because I think we all know glitter isn’t something we always want added to our bath! 

Are bath bombs bad for your tub?

Bath bombs will typically cause no damage or staining to your tub. Of course, a bath bomb with glitter or too much oil can clog your drain, so avoid bath bombs like that! (We skip the glitter idea in general!) But as every homeowner knows, you should clean your bath drains to avoid clogging, but a bath bomb will usually never be the reason for a clogged tub. Again, bath bombs with less ingredients are safer. 

Do bath bombs have parabens?

Some bath bomb companies do include parabens and sulfates. Parabens and sulfates are not good for your pH balance or body! Avoid them! Bath bombs should be natural or at least avoid parabens and sulfates. It is always best to avoid the bright glittery ones with parabens or sulfates. 

Do bath bombs affect allergies?

Some do! Of course, every person is different, we all have allergies to things we know not to use. This is why all of our bath bombs have the ingredients listed on their pages! Bath bombs can affect people with sensitive skin so we suggest if you test a bath bomb, to do it slowly in portions first! If you are allergic to oils such as almond oil or coconut oil, always check the ingredients to be safe! We try our best at hushbath.com to stay safe and natural so we ask our customers to check the ingredients before purchasing!