What is a sulfate?

What is a sulfate?

Sulfates are compounds found in many cleaning products such as shampoos, soaps, and even household and car cleaners.


Why are sulfates bad for you?

Since sulfates are in cleaning agents they can be hard on our skin! For many people, especially with sensitive skin, sulfates can irritate the lungs, eyes, mouth, and skin. It can strip away a lot of your skin’s natural oils as well as your hair’s natural oils. 


How do you know it may contain sulfates?

Sulfates are what allows your shampoos and body washes to lather very easily. Chances are if your body wash or shampoo lathers quickly (creates a lot of foam and easy to spread around) it may have sulfates!


Are sulfates linked to health problems?

Not necessarily! While sulfates are drying and can irritate eyes, mouth, lungs, and skin, scientists have not proven any links to cancer or infertility. This is a good thing! This means they aren't known to have health concerns like parabens do, but they can still dry and irritate your skin!


Should I stop using sulfates?

Well, it’s up to you! Sulfates dry our hair and skin which doesn’t mean they are necessarily terrible for you. So it is your call! But at hushbath.com we try to avoid sulfates and use the most natural products we can find!