What is the euphoria effect?

What is the euphoria effect?

The euphoria effect is the effect that relaxes your body creating a "high" to your body but not brain. THC is the component in marijuana that creates the psychoactive effect which makes you high and euphoric. The CBD in THC is what makes THC stronger. CBD is the component that is known to ease anxiety and relax your body, completely without getting you high. In marijuana CBD is what gives the THC a leg to be stronger which is why if you ingest marijuana or inhale it, your body gets relaxed but your brain and actions slow and you feel happy. The THC is what causes the happiness "euphoric and psychoactive effects," your brain to slow down and your actions to become slower and farther apart, but the CBD is what relaxes your body and muscles. This is why CBD doesn't get you high and only relaxes your body. 


What is the psychoactive effect?

The psychoactive effect is when you ingest or inhale marijuana and it causes the euphoric effect of happiness, making your actions and thoughts slower, and making you tired or alert. The type of THC ingested is what plays a role in the feeling tired or alert. THC is what will make some people feel paranoid or anxious as well. CBD does not have the psychoactive effect. CBD is known for relaxing the body and helping anxiety. CBD is added to many people's daily routine to relax and ease anxiety through the day. 


What is the difference between CBD and marijuana?

Marijuana is the component plant of THC and CBD. THC is the compound of the plant that creates the psychoactive effect that makes you high and affects your brain and movements. CBD is the compound of the plant that relaxes the body and is typically stripped of THC to become its own products. CBD enhances the strength of the THC when inhaled or ingested. But CBD can legally only be sold with an equal to or lower amount of 0.3% THC. This means CBD that you can purchase can definitely not get you high or have enough THC in it legally to get you high or make you high. These rules are placed by the FDA. 


So does CBD get you high?

No! CBD is only legally allowed to be sold with no more than 0.3% THC from rules by the FDA. That small of a dose of THC will not get you high and is very unlikely to stay in your system or show up on a drug test. CBD is purely the better part of marijuana! It relaxes your body and can help anxiety without getting you high or making you feel euphoric. CBD does not have a psychoactive effect so it's known to not get anyone high or feel high! It is a natural form of relaxation!