Why We're The Best CBD Bath Bombs

Looking for the best CBD Bath Bombs?

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BUY THEIR BATH BOMBS!!!! There are hundreds of variations of chemicals out on internet. There is however only ONE that actually works. it requires the right amount of CBD and THC to form the "entourage effect" that is required to actually relieve pain. A+++” -Leslie Merk

Thank You Hushbath - I am pain free for the first time in a decade. I could cry right now.”-Jody Arleen

Amazing. I have suffered from chronic pain for almost 15 years. I have tried every other CBD bath bomb product in the USA. Nothing worked until I tried Hushbath Bath Bombs. This is like the little miracle company you see in the movies. One small place with large benefits.”-Angel Hunt


Take it from us and our customers, HushBath will put you first and will strive to be the best CBD bath products you have ever used to help with pain.